At Uhuru we like to offer locally sourced food, in season and fresh. We have a daily menu alongside our small bite menu and offer food all day long. We buy our fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers and support Uwamwima which is the association of fruit and vegetable farmers.

We source our honey from Pemba and our coconut oil direct from the village. 'Investing in smallholder farmers is an important way to increase food security and nutrition for the poorest' United Nations.


Our menu is organic, natural and we offer fresh fish and seafood alongside fresh salads and vegetables we also cater for vegetarians and vegans and pride ourselves on having a simple but delicious menu based on Zanzibarian cuisine. We also offer delicious cakes, snacks and a juice and smoothy menu.


Zanzibari cuisine reflects several influences, as a consequence of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nature of Zanzibar's and Swahili heritage. It is a mixture of various culinary traditions, including Bantu, Arab, Portuguese, Indian, British and even Chinese cuisine.